PCT Hikers

PCT Hiker Information

Due to the remote location and lack of direct mailing to the resort, we are not able to accept hiker packages by mail. Some older books say we do, but that is incorrect information. If you can deliver a package to us in person, ahead of time, we can save it for you.

However, we do have a small general store, just 1/10th of a mile from the trail, that is stocked with hiker foods, supplies, snacks, fuel and drinks. Again, due to the remote location, we accept cash or check only in the store. We have no way to accept cards.

These include HEET, fuel cylinders, Mountain House Dried Foods, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Tortillas, Honey, Jerky, Tuna, Knorr Dried foods, cookies, muffins, clifbars, other bars, chips, candy, drinks include water, Gatorade, pop, beer and wine, hot coffee and hot chocolate.  We have a selection of supplies including duct tape, super glue,  first aid, etc.  Please feel free to email and request items!

Along with general hiker goods, we stock many camping foods and supplies. Lots of snacks, drinks and goodies. Something for everyone.

We do not have public showers or laundry facilities.  We do have an outside water spigot to fill water bottles.

Please see the availability calendar to make cabin reservations. Walk ins are welcome if vacancies are available.