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*MHNF issued a fireban for all of Mt Hood National Forest beginning August 10th. Basicly, no fires anywhere. Items with an On/Off switch are okay.

Store Hours beginning June 14th: 7:30am to 7:00pm seven days a week! Row boats, kayaks and canoes at rented first come first serve. We are cash only at the store. Sorry, but we cannot take credit cards. We will have a limited ice supply in the store and recommend stopping at the Chevron Station on 26 for ice before heading up. They have bag and block ice!

Weather Updates

Weather August 18th: Yesterday's high was 88 degrees. This morning's low was only 66 degrees. We did get a trace of rain last night around 9pm that lasted about two seconds. Currently (6:28am) we have mostly cloudy skies (high clouds since Mt Jefferson is still visable) with little to no wind and no smoke smell.

See below (Information by the Month for 2022) for July's data.

Driving Directions for 2022** (Detroit and Estacada routes are still NOT open yet) The Detroit end of 46 opened to Non-Motorized vehicles (hikers and bikers) on August 1, 2022, however it is not drivable and is still closed to everyone at the Mt hood/Willamette border. From the Estacada end, 46 is still closed one mile past the Ripplebrook Ranger Station. As I get updates from Forest Service I will post them here!

As long as both ends of 46 remain closed you will need to take highway 26 to 42 (Timothy Lake/Skyline Rd turnoff). You will continue on 42 for 18 miles on a two lane road and then it turns into a one lane road. Continue on 42 (one lane) for about 4.5 mls and turn left onto 4220. Continue 3 miles on paved 4220 and then 4 miles on gravel 4220 to the Olallie gate. Continue 5 more miles on 4220 to the resort. From Portland, you can take 84 to 26 or 224 to 212 to 26.

Many areas of the Olallie Lake scenic area were impacted by the Lionshead fire. However, the cabin/resort area, Guard Station cabin, Olallie Meadows campground and cabin, Triangle Lake campground, most of the Paul Dennis campground and part of Camp 10 campground did survive the fire!! Please check the Campground page to see which campgrounds are open. Camp 10 will not open 2022, hoping for 2023. Many thanks to the amazing work that was done by the Forest Service, Warm Springs firefighters and fire fighters from all areas coming in to help. They did risk their lives (they almost did not make it out) to save this area for all to enjoy for generations to come!! 

For the 2022 season we do except the road around the lake to remained closed. Closure will most likely begin just past the resort. 

Information by the Month for 2022

Month of June 2022 Totals: We began collecting data on June 8th. Last 23 days of June... Precipitation 5.68"; Snow 1.8"; 85 deg. high on June 26th; 31 deg. low on June 13th and 15th. We had 13 days with no precip (last 11 days of June dry).

Month of July 2022 Totals: Precipitation 1.05"; Snow 0"; 98 deg. high on July 30th; 37 deg. low on July 4th and 18th. We had 26 days with no precip (12 days in a row). We also had 7 straight days over 90 deg. Last record (within the past nine years) was 6 days in a row over 90 deg.

Information by the Month for 2021

Month of June 2021 Totals: Precipitation 1.12"; Snow 0.1"; 103 deg. high on June 29th; 30 deg. low on June 9th. Mean temp was 59.6 deg. We had 20 days with no precip and 2 days above 100 deg.

Month of July 2021 Totals: Precipitation Trace only; Snow 0"; 94 deg. high on July 6th; 34 deg. low on July 22nd. Mean temp was 66.2 deg. We had 28 days with no precip and 6 days of 90 degrees or higher.

Month of August 2021 Totals: Precipitation 0.12"; Snow 0"; 98 deg. high on Aug 11th; 33 deg. low on Aug 23rd. Mean temp was 62.8 deg. We had 24 days with no precip and 9 days of 90 degrees or higher.

Month of September 2021 Totals: Precipitation 5.59"; Snow-Trace; 87 deg. high on Sept 7th; 28 deg. low on Sept 16th. Mean temp was 55.4 deg. We had 19 days with no precip. The high mean temp was 68.5 deg. on Sept 6th and the low mean temp was 38 deg. on Sept 28th.

Weather Records for 2020

Month of June Totals: Precipitation 5.67"; Snow 2.6"; 88 deg. high on June 23rd; 30 deg. low on June 2nd and 7th. High rain of 1.41" on June 15th and high snow of 1.5" on June 14th.

Month of July Totals: Precipitation 0.07"; Snow 0"; 93 deg. high on July 30th; 31 deg. low on July 13th. We had 28 days without rain; a mean temp of 59.4 degrees; high mean of 72 degrees on July 30th; low mean of 43.5 degrees on July 1st; 3 days of 90+ degrees. 

Month of August Totals: Precipitation 0.24"; Snow 0"; 94 deg. high on Aug 15th; 33 deg. low on Aug 7th. We had 27 days without rain; a mean temp of 60.6 degrees; high mean of 74 degrees on Aug 15th; low mean of 48.5 degrees on August 6th; one day of 90+ degrees. 

(Weather for previous years is located at the bottom of this page.) 

Olallie Lake Resort originated in 1932. It is a remote high mountain rustic resort located in the Mt. Hood National Forest with an amazing view of Mt. Jefferson. Today, the resort still feels like the 1930?s with a small general store, wooden rowboats to rent and 10 cabins that have wood burning stoves, kerosene lanterns, outside water spigots and no cell phone or internet service. It is a place to relax and enjoy the magical surroundings of the Olallie Lake Scenic Area. We are open seasonally from June to October, depending on snowmelt.

Olallie Lake is stocked with rainbow trout yearly by the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Since the resort was established, Olallie Lake has been a no swimming, no motorized boats kind of lake. It is a favorite fishing spot for generations of families and new comers each summer. Within the Olallie Lake Scenic Area, we have 46 other lakes that are wonderful for swimming. Head Lake, located across the road from the resort, is where many cabin guests and campers like to swim.

In addition to fishing and swimming, many people visit the area to hike and camp. The Pacific Crest Trail is located within 1/10th of a mile from the resort and provides miles of beautiful hiking. There are also many other trails that range from easy to difficult. For camping, we have 7 forest service campgrounds in the area, three of which are located on Olallie Lake. All the campsites are primitive ? no running water, only pit toilets. Campsites rent on a first come first serve basis; no reservation needed.

Please be mindful of the remote location ? no gas, no internet, no electricity, no ATM and no cell phone coverage. Olallie Lake Scenic Area is just a beautiful, peaceful place to visit.

We look forward to having you visit this summer!

Diane Whitfield


Olallie Lake Resort

PO Box 80928

Portland, Oregon  97280

Weather Records for 2018

Month of June Totals: Precipitation 1.18"; Snow 1.5"; 87 deg. high on June 24th; 30 deg. low on June 5th & 10th

Month of July Totals: Precipitation 0.00"; Snow 0.0"; 94 deg. high on July 28th; 28 deg. low on July 3rd

Month of August Totals: Precipitation 0.12"; Snow 0.0"; 96 deg. high on Aug 9th; 34 deg. low on Aug 25th

Month of September Totals: Precipitation 0.87" of which 0.50" fell on Sept 16th; Snow 0.0"; 83 deg. high on Sept 7th; 28 deg. low on Sept 24th

Month of October Totals: Sorry, we closed on Oct 7th this year (2018) :(

Weather Records for 2019

Month of June Totals: Precipitation 1.99"; Snow 0.8"; 87 deg. high on June 12th; 31 deg. low on June 7th, 8th & 9th.

Month of July Totals: Precipitation 0.59"; Snow 0.0"; 86 deg. high on July 25th; 36 deg. low on July 20th & 24th. We had four days in the 80's and seven mornings in the 30's. The mean temp for July 2019 was 57.9 deg. which was 6 deg. lower than the mean for 2018.

Month of August Totals: Precipitation 1.23"; Snow 0.0"; 93 deg. high on Aug 28th; 35 deg. low on Aug 12th. The mean temp for Aug 2019 was 62.0 deg. Highest precipitation day was .70 of an inch on Aug 29th.

Month of September Totals: Precipitation 4.75"; Snow 2.5"; 84 deg. high on Sept 4th and 5th; 26 deg. low on Sept 30th. The mean temp for Sept 2019 was 51.1 deg. Highest precipitation day was .95 of an inch on Sept 17th. In 2018, we had only .87 of an inch of rain in Sept!! Also, Sept 2019 had 11 days without rain where as Sept 2018 had 24 days without rain.

 "This institution is an equal opportunity service provider and employer, which operates under a special use permit issued by the Mt. Hood National Forest, USDA Forest Service."


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