General Info

General Information

Olallie Lake Resort was originally built in 1932. Additions to cabins, employee crew quarters and general store accommodations have been added throughout the decades.  Below are answers to commonly asked questions.

The Road and Coverage:  Please be mindful of the remote nature of the Olallie Lake Scenic Area.  There are no phones or banks, no gas stations or auto repair shops, so fill your gas tank and come prepared.  Also, be mindful that the roads can be rough and usually are. However, it is a beautiful drive and so worth it!

Fishing:  Olallie Lake is stocked with rainbow trout. We rent row boats, paddle boats, kayaks and canoes.

Boat Motors: Motors on boats are not allowed on Olallie Lake. This includes electric motors.

Hiking:  There are miles and miles of local trails to hike on.  These include a 4-mile (approximate) hike around Olallie Lake, the Red Lake Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) that will take you all the way to Mexico or Canada.

Swimming:  No swimming is allowed in Olallie Lake, however Head Lake is nearby (only a 5 minute walk away) and has a dock, large rocks to sit on and is a wonderful swimming lake.  There are also over 40 lakes in the scenic area to hike to and swim in.

Are you wheel-chair accessible?  We do have wheel chair access to the store.  Large Cabins #5 and #6 are wheel chair accessible.

Can I bring my dog? Forest Service Permit Regulations  require that all dogs be kept on a leash.  Well behaved dogs are allowed, however, if your dog likes to bark or is threatening - then please board your dog.  Dogs cannot be left unattended in the cabins.  No exotic pets are allowed.  Renters will be responsible to pay for any damages made to the cabins or yurts.

Store: The store stocks groceries, candy & snacks, hiker meals, beverages, beer & wine, sporting goods, fishing supplies, limited auto supplies, first-aid supplies, health & hygiene supplies,  souvenirs.   We will add as requests and needs demand.  Ice and water is sold in limited quantities.

Outdoor Fires: Outdoor fires are not allowed in the cabin area.  The yurts, public day use area and surrounding campground sites have fire rings where outdoor fires are allowed.  Guests who stay in the cabins are invited to use the new campfire area just above cabins 1 through 4! Firewood for outside fires can be purchased at the store.

PCT and thru Hiker Packages:  We do not accept packages via mail because there is no mail delivery to the resort.  However, the store is well supplied with hiker food and supplies including fuel. Also, if you are able to hand deliver a package ahead of time, we can hold it for you. We look forward to meeting you as you pass through and assisting you with your journey.

What forms of payment do you accept?  We can only accept cash or check at the resort due to no cell service or electricity. We cannot take cards of any kind.