Olallie Lake Resort and Scenic Area is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, USA.  The elevation is at approximately 5000 feet.

GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
44.81389, -121.79028
44°48'50"N, 121°47'25"W

Driving options (*46 from Detroit opened 6/27/23. They may close parts in the fall to remove more trees, but it is open for the summer*)

**Road update as of 6/3/24: The route in from Detroit is now open with delays to work on the trees and road. Expect 3-hour delays... They will be working on the road from 7am to 5:30pm. They will open the road to traffic from 10am - 10:30am, 12:30pm - 1pm and 3pm - 3:30pm, then open from 5:30pm - 7am.

Option 1: From Estacada take 224 which turns into 46 to Ripplebrook Ranger Station. Continue about 22 miles and then turn left onto 4690. In about 9 miles turn right onto 4220 (at the gate) and continue 5 miles to the resort.

Option 2: Take Highway 26 to 42 (Timothy Lake/Skyline Rd turnoff). You will continue on 42 for 18 miles on a two lane road and then it turns into a one lane road. Continue on 42 (one lane) for about 4.5 mls and turn left onto 4220. Continue 3 miles on paved 4220 and then 4 miles on gravel 4220 to the Olallie gate. Continue 5 more miles on 4220 to the resort. From Portland, you can take 84 to 26 or 224 to 212 to 26.

Option 3: The best route from the Salem area is through Detroit to Forest Hwy 46. Turn left just as you pass over the bridge into Detroit.  Follow Forest Hwy 46 for approximately 25 miles. It is best to watch your odometer. At approximately 25 miles turn right onto FSR 4690. ?Olallie? is painted on the road at the junction of 46 and 4690. Once on FSR 4690 the road is winding and travel is very slow. Stay straight on FSR 4690 and follow the signs 13 miles to Olallie Lake (first sign is at the gate about 8 miles in).